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List of confirmed attendees, with guests

  1. [*]Rammstein + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Glock Girl + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Malum Prohibitum + 2[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]NetAdminWithGun [/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]USMC-Retired + 3[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Sharky + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]peashooter + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Dan H + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]MLS 4506[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Purge + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Tinkerhell + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]Tony218 + 3[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]lsu_nonleg + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]triggerman357 + 1[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]GeorgiaGlocker [/*:m:2w8pz4mh]
    [*]TonyG + 3[/*:m:2w8pz4mh]

Total = 50 people

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What people are bringing:

  1. [*]Rammstein - chips, pasta salad [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Glock Girl - Bag of charcoal, potato salad [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Malum Prohibitum - Ketchup, mustard, mayo [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]NetAdminWithGun - 1x cooler of ice [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]USMC-Retired - Grill, couple of watermelons, shop brush[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Sharky - 1x cooler ice, 1x folding table + chairs, 2x target stands, fresh fruit, cardboard + staple gun, 12pack water [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]ber950 - green beans [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]foshizzle - banana bread and pound cake[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]peashooter - 30lbs charcoal, lighter fluid[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Macktee - Cookies [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Dan H - Cole slaw, cookies [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]MLS 4506[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Tinkerhell - Paper plates, plastic forks/knives/spoons[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Tony218 - 10lbs charcoal, 4x 12packs bottled water, large garbage bags, 3x tables, 10'x10' tent, 7x chairs[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]jrm - 1x cooler of ice [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]viper32cm - 5x 12packs of soda[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]lsu_nonleg - Maqcue Choux, sausage mess and andouille [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Adam5 - homemade mac 'n cheese [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]triggerman357 - baked beans, one medium sized folding table [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]GeorgiaGlocker - 1x cooler ice[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]Tace - Brownies [/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]TonyG - chips and assorted melons[/*:m:t2burucs]
    [*]EOD - a case of water and soda[/*:m:t2burucs]


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WMA Rules

USMC - Retired said:
Patriots, Please read the following Range Rules sometime before the shoot to be sure there is no confusion in our group that would get us thrown out or fined. Thanks!

WMA Shooting Range Rules

Range use is allowed only in accordance with range hours and dates posted at the range.

All children (aged 16 years or younger) must be accompanied by an adult shooter of 18 years or older.

Only firearms utilizing single projectile ammunition may be fired. However, shotguns utilizing multiple projectile ammunition may be fired at stationary targets for purposes of assessing shotgun patterns.

Firearms using centerfire cartridges .50 caliber or larger are prohibited.

Any weapon prohibited by GA Code Section 16-11-122 (i.e., sawed-off shotguns or rifles, machine guns, submachine guns and silenced weapons) is prohibited.

Fully automatic weapons and any weapon that fires more than once with one trigger pull and release are prohibited.

Tracer or any ammunition considered to be incendiary or explosive is prohibited.

All persons must wear adequate hearing and eye protection.

All shooters must fire from or by the shooting benches. ABSOLUTELY NO SHOOTING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF THIS AREA.

No smoking is permitted on or near the firing line at any time.

No alcoholic beverages may be possessed at the firing range.

No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted on the firing range.

Non-shooters must remain at least six feet behind the firing line whenever any shooter is at the firing line.

All objects, trash, targets and spent cartridge hulls must be removed by firing range users before leaving the range.

All firearms must be unloaded and action open, except when it is at firing line and is being used for firing.

In the event of a firearm malfunction, the shooter must keep their firearm pointed down range, unload as soon as possible, and advise all persons at the firing line of the malfunction.

In the event of a malfunction of another shooters firearm, all firearms must be unloaded with actions open for the duration of the malfunction.

All firearms on the firing line must be grounded, unloaded, with actions open whenever anyone is down range.

Muzzles of all firearms must be pointed downrange when on the firing line.

The muzzle of every firearm when in the firing position must be in front of the front edge of the bench upon which it rests.

Shooters shall fire only at the target directly down range of that persons position.

No shooting at flying or thrown objects is allowed.

Targets must be constructed of paper, cardboard, or similar material that will not shatter or cause bullet ricochet.

Ground level targets must be positioned so that a bullet will not strike flat ground before the backstop; all targets must be located so that a bullet will strike between the base and halfway up the backstop.

Shooters must be at the firing line before capping or priming muzzle loading firearms.

All loading of muzzleloaders must be by single charge dispenser.

In the event of a hangfire, muzzleloading firearms must be kept pointed downrange until the problem is corrected.

Containers of black powder or Pyrodex must remain closed except when needed for loading.

Muzzleloading firearms must be loaded only with black powder or Pyrodex unless the muzzleloader is specifically designed for smokeless powder. Use of smokeless powder in a muzzleloader not specifically designed for use of smokeless powder may cause serious injury to the shooter, to bystanders and to the firearm.

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If any information was unintentionally omitted, please private message me and I will correct it.

Keep in mind that I will update this thread as people continue to post in the How many people? and Planning threads.
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