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I was going to post this in the Presidential Debate Thread, but I felt it deserved its own thread.

I am currently watching it and took a break to write this thread. There was a bill passed in 1994 by President Bill Clinton called (I guess) "The Crime Bill". The documentary blames the massive prison system, militarization of the police, and abuses done by modern police, on this Bill passed by Bill Clinton;

Another interesting footnote is that Bill Clinton had to defeat Bush, and did so by claiming to be tougher on crime (And Bush beat Dukakis, because Dukakis was letting convicted killers get weekend passes from prison).

Newt Gingrich commented that the Democrats knew they would get beaten since, historically, they have had a softer approach on crime, and it was Bill Clinton that realized they had to change up their game plan.

The Crime Bill of 1994 is considered to have made things much, much more worse.
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