13 shot dead at a party in Mexico (Jaurez) Saturday

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  1. JMJ2

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    Man it just gets worst and worst everyday in Mexico. You couldn't pay me to live any where near the Mexican border.

  2. the279

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    mexicans have a great party style , if you don't
    have a hand Gun , machine gun , or granades ......

    You can't go to the party !!!

    The best part start after 1:00 AM when everybody
    is drunk !!!
  3. gunsmoker

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    So what's the answer to all this gang-related violence in Mexico?

    We already have NAFTA and a lot of U.S. jobs have gone south of the border.
    I think the places where drug gangs rule are also the places where there are jobs to be had in big factories. I doubt that more "economic opportunities" is the answer.

    Mexican government is corrupt, sure. But even if it were not, I think the drug gangs are powerful enough to survive and do what they do even without much inside help from corrupt government officials.

    The Mexican people-- can they be persuaded to think of the drug gangs as evil? To many Mexicans, they are just doing what it takes to succeed. Screw morality. Who cares about sinning? Who cares about duty and honor and loyalty to your people, your community? All that counts is YOU the individual, and your spouse and kids. Going along with the Mexican mafia makes you wealthier, and opposing them gets you killed.

    What can they do about that?

    Does Mexico need a dictator? Death squads and secret police? (plenty of innocent people would end up getting put to death, too) and an aggressive domestic spying program, keeping tabs on all the citizens at all times? Step out of line by talking to a buddy on the cell phone about kidnapping and next thing you know, you and your buddy are in the Star Chamber getting to choose your method of execution? One thing you have to admit about totalitarian dictatorships-- they don't put up with crime in the streets. There's only one criminal enterprise, and that's the government, and it rules everything.

    Seriously, I can't figure out what would be the right direction to head for a country as screwed-up as Mexico. I seriously doubt that any libertarian notions of freedom, democracy, a Constitutional Republic, etc, will work. Freedom means freedom for evil men to do more evil things and get away with them.
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    Having just moved to El Paso, I've heard so many of her residents bragging about how safe El Paso is in spite of being right across the border from Juarez. And while I always carry when I'm not going on post, I've never been in a situation where I've felt even remotely threatened. Even the poor areas of town don't come across as threatening, as they do in, say, Atlanta.

    And I must note that Mexico is quite fond of gun control. American citizens have been arrested there for simply having expended shells in their car. Texas, on the other hand, not so much! Listening to these antis out there, you'd think it was El Paso that had 5,000 murders a year.
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    I'm a very conservative libertarian, and I would list "big government" as one of the worst things that could happen to a society, but you have a point. North Korea might be a creepy craphole run by a dangerous lunatic, but street crime? Never.

    They're too insecure. In Kim Jong Il's insane mind, North Korea is a paradise on earth, and crime would tarnish that fragile image. It is thus completely unacceptable.
  6. Phil1979

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    "CCW licenses [in Mexico] are issued but are hard to obtain for anyone not wealthy and without political connections." - from Wikipedia.

    Mexican citizens also are not allowed to have pistols stronger than .380 or .38 Special. Possessing a 9mm, .357 Sig, or .357 Magnum would get them a prison sentence. And to think, Mexico's constitution contains the right to keep and bear arms! They've just passed laws that have infringed on that right to the point that it's meaningless now.

    This is something we need to guard against happening here with all diligence.

    Mexico only wants criminals to have guns, because the Mexican govt is in the pocket of the cartels. Also, all big governments enjoy controlling the people and making them dependent on government.