120 Days, still no permit.

Discussion in 'GWL News & Information' started by murrybird, Dec 18, 2006.

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    I was told by the nice lady at Cobb County that work for the (so-called) Honorable Judge David Dodd that I would have my permit with in 120 or four months. Guess what? NO PERMIT. :rant: :soapbox: :censored:. I am sick and tired of these anti-gun grabbing judges that think they are politions. Have they forgotten that they serve us THE PEOPLE. Not themselves or some agenda. All I want to know at this point is how do we get David SOB Dodd off of the bench. I can say this though, he has really motivated me to join every local or state pro gun goup that there is. As of first of the year I WILL be joining the GGO and GCO. That is a bleeping promise. :2cents:
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    Getting a sitting judge "off the bench" is a daunting task. They are elected, so the answer is a challenger, but the task is finding an issue anybody cares about and on which the judge is wrong in the eyes of the voting public. It has to be something they care enough about to vote against the incumbent. It has to be something important enough in their eyes that they will even know who the imcumbent and his challenger are, and where each stands on the issues.

    Most people just check off the spot for the incumbent and leave it at that. They could not even tell you why they did so.

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    Right, first thing is there has to be someone running against them. The last election my area had one screen (out of 6 I think) full of positions that had no challengers at all.
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    Im right behind ya! I get my 100 day mark tomorrow :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: