$1000 Gun Bounty in FL

Discussion in 'National Laws, Bills and Politics' started by GAGunOwner, May 30, 2007.

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  2. gsusnake

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    Anybody else considering buying some cheap guns, tipping Miami-Dade off about their location, and getting the bounty back and going and buying some expensive guns?

    I mean, I buy 6 Bersas at like $250 a piece, make a $4500 profit, and go buy a 1911, a couple Glocks, a shotgun...

  3. ptsmith24

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    Not a bad idea. I'm in Orlando right now. I'm sure that "bounty" will just lead to people reporting any gun they see, just to try and get the money. If OC were legal in FL, it would be much more of a problem with this bounty...
  4. budder

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    Yeah, but then you need 6 fall guys. I suppose you could be a more humane version of Dexter, though...
  5. Adam5

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    Bear in mind that the bounty is for ILLEGAL guns.
  6. Cavediver

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    So, you buy a cheap gun, have your friend "steal" it, plant it on a 3rd party with a bag of weed, make a call, get $3000.

    I wonder if anyone thought to put a cap on potential yearly earnings?

    edit: I wonder if the "tips" received through this program will be enough info for LEOs to apply for (and receive) search warrents?