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Hey everyone we are taking on a project to find a minimum of 5000 people to give $1 a piece to help our friend Gary get his desperately needed surgery. Here is his story.

(The below was written by @Dwight Martyn)

Gary is turning 50 this year, but with his energetic personality and youthful smile, you would never guess it if he did not tell you. I met Gray about four years ago, when my wife and I started attending Lifepoint Ministries in Douglasville , GA. We met lots of friendly people during our first few weeks of attendance, but Gary stood out because he worshiped God passionately with all of his heart Sunday after Sunday.

To the average observer, it may seem as if Gary does not have a care in the world, always laughing, joking and encouraging others. Over the last couple of years Gary and I became close friends. During our friendship I have learned that though Gary strives to be joyful and positive, his life is not without adversity.

Gary is the father of eight children, six of which are still underage dependents. Because his household is so large, he has always worked multiple jobs to ensure his family does not go without. When I meet Gary four years ago, he was working 3 jobs, his full-time job at Stock Building Supply, delivering pizza for Dominos, and preparing taxes with H&R Block. One would think that having so many responsibilities would stretch a person thin, causing them to be ineffective at best, not so with Gary. His excellence and commitment not only earned him a promotion with his full time employer, it also earned him an elected position as board member at his church.

Unfortunately due to the current economic meltdown, Gary lost his full-time job after 16 years of employment. To add to this misfortune, Gary has been battling the symptoms of sickle cell anemia for a number of years. Over the last few years, his medical condition has caused a massive breakdown of his hip joint, leaving him in constant pain. During a recent examination, a doctor was so astonished with the severity of his bone deterioration, he strongly urged him to consider immediate corrective surgery. Unfortunately without healthcare and his savings depleted, Gary has no way of financing this needed procedure. Even with his pending disability insurance, he will still have to come up with a $5000 down payment.

Believing God for a miracle, Gary has scheduled a tentative date for his operation. He has asked for my support in prayer knowing how desperately needs this surgery. I have not only agreed to pray for him but to also do all I can to help him financially. I along with some other friends of Gary have committed to raising the full amount needed for his down payment. As Christians and members of the body of believers we strongly believe in loving and caring for one another. We hope you can help us in our endeavor to be a blessing to a person that has been such a blessing and inspiration to others.

We are asking first and most importantly for your prayers, second for one dollar or what ever you can spare, and third to ask everyone you know to partner with us to make this surgery happen, we also encourage you to repost this to your page to help us get the word out there. Your one dollar with make all the difference in the world.

We have established a few different ways to donate.

Mail your donation to:Lifepoint ministriesP.O. Box 305Winston, Ga 30187

Send your donation via paypal to [email protected]

Or give your donation to any of these following people.

Peter and Jessica Renwick
Phillip and Kayla Countryman
Trevor Jiles
Jeremy and Racheal Brown
Adam and Corrie Long
Dewight and Starla Martyn
Teddy Wilding
Pastor Josh Pate

Our deadline can be as soon as the 29th of this month so please don't wait to get your donation in.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. I look forward to seeing the look on Grays face when he finds out that he will be able to get his surgery.
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