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I have a 1 +/- acre piece of land that is zoned for mobile homes in Covington. Approx 5 minutes from down town.

Has power and a drilled well on property. Needs septic. Est. $2,250 should install a new system.

Not a mobile home park.

Zoned for single, double or modular.


PM if interested.

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Interesting story.

Had a Gent come out today to see the land, also have it advertised on Craigslist.

The guy is appeared to be from south of the border.

Currently living on the NS of Atlanta.

When I showed him the water well (drilled well) he asked me what it was. I explained to him it was a well, and that is where his water supply would come from.

At this moment, it became funny.

Him: So water come out of hole in ground?

Me: Yes, your water will come out of the well.

Him: I see no water coming from hole.

Me: That is because the pump is not cut on that pumps the water from the well.

Him: Giving me a sly look..... Water does not come from hole, water comes from road, water has meter.

Me: It's a well, your well if you buy, there is not meter.

Him: How much my water bill be each month?

Me: You will have no water bill, the water is free, its YOUR well.

Him: Water is not free, I pay each month water bill.

Me: You pay a water bill, because you are on county/city water, this is your well, your water , and you do not pay anything for the water.

Him: So you tell me I get free water, all I can use?

Me: Yes all you can use.

Him, Grinning as if he hit the lottery....... I can bottle and sell the water, I like water well.

I about fell out laughing.
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