“It’s a great way to make some money,” County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

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    $100's of millions, in cash transported in air travelers carry on luggage.

    Keywords Somali, Minnesota, welfare fraud
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    Don't bother asking him to provide the source link. He'll just bitch about how lazy "we" are for not looking it up ourselves. :shakehead:
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    Here is the real conspiracy:
    Levinson, as you may know, is still a prisoner in Iran. Many expected him to be released with the Iran deal signed by Obama and the large cash transfer associated with it, but it appears that Hillary didn't agree to the statement Iran wanted included as part of the deal (absolving them of any liability in the detention of Levinson) so he wasn't released.
    Deripaska spent around $25M of his own money to setup the release of Levinson at the request of the FBI. A seemingly illegal act via the Antideficiency Act.
    Deripaska's interesting involvement doesn't end there. He had a previous business relationship with Paul Manafort (now indicted by Mueller). The business venture between the two went bad and Deripaska isn't necessarily a big fan of Manfort today.
    Deripaska essentially laughed in the agents' faces at the absurdity of the suggestion. The agents suggested that Deripaska 'keep an open mind' about it.
    To add more to the story, Deripaska's statements to the FBI agents that any collusion between Manafort and the Russian government was absurd doesn't appeared to be mentioned in the FISA warrant request and secondly, Deripaska was hit with sanctions in April by the US government to punish Putin for meddling in the US election, yet the FBI (with Mueller at the helm) had no problem using Deripaska and his money to help free Levinson or to, later, to ask him to assist in their Trump investigation.

    Now there is something to sink your teeth into.