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  1. Off-topic Political
    He also says the party will not get behind Cruz even if he were to win the nomination. If he can't get cooperation from his own party, I can't imagine he'd get any more done than Obama. Both are no compromise type of guys...
  2. Off-topic Political
    That burn all his supporters want to feel? That's the sensation of no grease.
  3. Off-topic Political
    Gas in some parts of the country are under $1 a gallon. Mitt Romney promised to bring prices under $2.50 a gallon if elected. I imagine he already knew what was coming, but nevertheless, he probably wouldn't...
  4. Off-topic Political
    She's( Nikkie Haley, the governor of South Carolina) [who maybe should know better] claiming America has never passed any laws based on race..... wow :shakehead...
  5. In the News No info yet on victims, suspect described as 21-year-old white male.
1-6 of 6 Results