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  1. Previous Bills
    SB 72 Game and Fish; hunting on wildlife management areas; prohibition; remove Sponsored By (1) Harper, Tyler 7th(2) Mullis, Jeff 53rd(3) Gooch, Steve 51st (4) Jones, Burt 25th(5) Ginn, Frank 47th(6) Sims, Freddie Powell 12th...
  2. Firearm Related
    The MaxFlo 3D on a SAW... Cannot get more fun than this!
  3. Welcome New Members
    Good Morning all. I am a new member and the S/E Rep for NG2 Defense. NG2 Defense has introduced a radically new suppressor design in the MaxFlo 3D. We also have an innovative new muzzle management device called the MzlMax for when not shooting suppressed. I am available to set up demos anytime...
1-3 of 3 Results