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  1. Buy / Sell / Trade - Firearm Accessories and Other
    LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Lee Auto-Drum Powder LEE PRECISION Auto Disk Riser LEE PRECISION LP90997 Safety Primer Feed Large and Small 5 LEE PRECISION 4 Hole Turret (Silver) I used this for a bit before getting a Dillon. This will get you going on 5 different calibers. Just add your...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade - Firearm Accessories and Other
    I have reloading supplies and equipment that I need to get rid of. I'm guessing that I have everything needed to reload about 10,000 rounds each of .380 AUTO, .45 AUTO and .223. I also have a couple of Hornady presses, ultrasonic cleaner and tumbler, as well as a LabRadar chrono. I really...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade - Firearm Accessories and Other
    Great deal for reloaders. I have 25 boxes of Sierra MatchKing 30 CAL .308 168gr HPBT 2200 bullets. These are new, in sealed boxes of 100 bullets per box so 2500 total. These sell online for around for $0.36/bullet in 500 quantity. Will sell all 25 boxes at $0.30/bullet 25 boxes @ $30/box =...
  4. Sold/Expired
    I have had this for about a year. I have used some here and there. I am ready to get this sold. I found some HP-38 and have no need for this powder. I am not willing to ship but do drive into ATL 3-4 times a week. 140.00 obo
  5. Sold/Expired
    Removing 'cause I don't have the prerequisite number of posts.....
1-6 of 6 Results