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  1. General GWL Questions
    Is it faster? How soon will the probate court contact you? Why does an online application exist if you are still going to be needed to pay and fingerprinted in person?
  2. Firearm Related
    I recently inherited a 22 Ruger and am taking this as an opportunity to become more familiar with guns. Specifically, I am currently looking at options to secure the weapon in my home. I'm also going to provide a bit more information about my background and goals at the end of my post to...
  3. News
    I've been reading up on laws on conceal carry. But I can't find what is says about conceal carry in your POV. I know if I don't have a carry permit I have to have my pistol secured in truck or glove box. BUt if I have a carry permit can I keep it on my body or does it have to be secured?
1-3 of 3 Results