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  1. General GWL Questions
    Just moved from FL to GA last month. Wife and I had FL Concealed weapons permits, which evaporate as soon as you become a GA resident. Heavy hit considering 2020 events. Now we have to wait for appointment to apply in GA. February 26th is the first available. Then I guess its a 60 day processing...
  2. National Laws, Bills and Politics
    Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session More at the link:
  3. Citizens Encounters
    Hi All, This seems to be the right section, but please let me know if this needs to move. Anyway, I have been concealed carrying for quite some time. My most recent carry weapon is an xds 45 (love it by the way :-o). Anyways, I always carry covered up, but this morning I decided to bust out...
  4. LEO Encounters
    I've been trying to keep active and lose some weight lately, and in doing so, decided to go for a jog on one of the trails at Roswell Area Park today. Since it's hot as hell and this is America, I decided to open carry rather than getting my CC holsters/firearm sweaty. The first hour of the...
  5. Citizens Encounters
    I've made a habit of taking my business to Atlanta Bread Company ever since the announcement that Panera doesn't like gun owners' business, and I occasionally open carry there. Yesterday, while carrying my new full size USP, I was approached by an employee that asked about my pistol. Fully...
1-5 of 5 Results