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  1. Firearm Related
    If I have five acres, A1 zoning (next to other A1 and one R1), but I have over 50 yds. from the main road, does anyone know if any other laws other than common sense that would keep me from shooting? I thought about putting in a perm with crossties, etc. There are neighbors of course, and they...
  2. General GWL Questions
    Sooo, I just returned from 9 days for mental health tx. My carry permit was good for 4+ yrs but I'm thinking my legal carry days are over. Can I carry anything? Can I keep my .17 HMR? Can I keep my RWS 34 Stryker .22 pellet rifle? Or does it all have to go? Thanks
  3. GA Laws and Politics
    A guy I know smokes. Teenagers used to come up afterward and steal the cigarette butts from his private property. One day, while they were doing it, from inside the house, out of view, he cocked a shotgun with the express intent as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another of being shot...
  4. Ranges, Dealers & Smiths
    I am thing of buying a house and thought having a shooting range would be nice for both archery and guns. Can anybody point me to any laws regarding this? Also if you have any info on planning, safety, not freaking out the neighbors, etc. please let me know.
1-4 of 4 Results