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  1. GWL News & Information
    2nd time we have had to take Bordeaux to court for not correctly doing his duties. On June 22, 2020, the Court of Appeals of Georgia agreed with GCO member Greg Hise that...
  2. General GWL Questions
    Hello all, I've been a lurker since i was 17. I have a bunch of questions and am looking for personal guidance to match what I am reading in the FAQ and "gun laws" tab. A little back round, at 18 I joined the Army, I am still active duty. I turned 21 recently and will be coming back to Ga for a...
  3. News
    I've been reading up on laws on conceal carry. But I can't find what is says about conceal carry in your POV. I know if I don't have a carry permit I have to have my pistol secured in truck or glove box. BUt if I have a carry permit can I keep it on my body or does it have to be secured?
1-3 of 3 Results