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  1. National Laws, Bills and Politics
    Wright v Beck (9th Circuit): Oral argument video "An appeal from the district court's summary judgment in favor of law enforcement officials in an action alleging that defendants illegally withheld and destroyed plaintiff's valuable firearm collection." Judge VanDyke: "Is it even plausible...
  2. National Laws, Bills and Politics
    And making their usual Anti-2A type ruling, with Marxist-Progressive reasoning.
  3. National Laws, Bills and Politics
    Josh Blackman‏Verified account @JoshMBlackman 1/ Divided 9th Circuit panel finds that 2nd Amendment "Second Amendment encompasses the right of a responsible law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm openly for self-defense outside of the home"...
  4. National Laws, Bills and Politics
    Court Says Californians Need to Cool Off After Gun Buy
1-4 of 4 Results