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Die Hard GCO Recruiter, from Kennesaw

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Apr 27, 2020
    1. latter_day_hippie
      Marked. Looking forward to it. When you can, please let me know if I need to bring my own projector and screen for the presentation.
    2. latter_day_hippie

      I would be delighted to come speak at the North Atlanta GCO Chapter meeting in May. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

      My calendar is relatively open in May - for the moment - but I would like to get a date nailed down as soon as possible so I can block it in my schedule. I travel a lot for work and want to make sure whatever date we decide is protected in my schedule.

      Would the chapter like me to present Why and How to Talk With Your Children About Gun Safety (Even If You Don't Own Guns) - one of the two prepared presentations I have - or put something together that covers a different or broader range of topics?

      I will try giving you a call on Monday before I head for the airport or on Thursday after I get back. We also can continue this conversation via email if you prefer - mpodowitz(at)gmail(-dot-)com.

      Thank you again for the opportunity to serve the North Atlanta GCO chapter. I am looking forward to being involved!

      All the best,

    3. Spas-12 Owner
      Spas-12 Owner
      Is $350 the lowest you will go?

    4. budone1967

      I am sorry you feel I was condescending and fake to you. I treat all my volunteers with respect because they deserve it. I thought the conversation at the gun show where you renewed your GCO membership went pretty well.

      It is not in my nature to be condescending or fake to anyone. I'm not politically correct and I speak my mind but I don't talk down to folks. I try to respect everyone whether I agree with them or not. If I offended you in any way it was not my intention and please accept this as a heart felt apology.

      I know you will not volunteer for any other events and I completely understand. I don't expect us to be best friends either but I do respect the efforts you make for GCO and for liberty at the GOP breakfast.

      Again please accept my apology.
    5. Byte Stryke
      Byte Stryke
      The unvarnished truth?
      When you speak at me you are plastic and condescending with all of the patience and understanding of a pit viper. Having never volunteered for one of the events before, I didn't think the attitude was justified. It certainly was not welcome.

      I work 6 days a week 10-14 hours a day, I have a Family. When I volunteer it's sort of a big deal for me. If you remember correctly, I had to leave one day because I had to get to work.
      Then I wouldn't expect you to, because I've worked 2 Miller park days and an AO.
      I Brought it up with others and the consensus was "suck it up"
      So I Did.
      Sometimes it gets out... as it did with mountainpass. As far as me laying the stink on him, I kinda feel bad. He never personally did anything to me.

      Now you know. You can rest assured, won't happen again.
      Your reply is not necessary.
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    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes." - Thomas Jefferson

    GCO Life Member/Certified Instructor & Cobb County Recruiting Coordinator
    NRA Member/Certified Instructor