Georgia Weapons Carry License Holders: States listed in Green and in Yellow will accept a Georgia Weapons Carry License as their own.  However you must follow their laws when in their state.  Visit and for the carry laws in each state.

Out of State Visitors: Georgia recognizes any carry permit issued by a state listed in Green. We unofficially honor permits issued by states listed in Yellow (the law says you can carry but GA law enforcement has not been informed... so it is possible you could be arrested but you will not be convicted). It does not matter if you are a resident or a non-resident of the issuing state (if a resident of a Red listed state gets a nonresident permit from a Green listed state then they are able to carry in GA). Remember, you must follow GA carry laws while here.

Official Reciprocity List: Georgia Attorney General has the updated list.

Official Georgia Code about Reciprocity: The specific code section regarding reciprocity can be found in the law regarding carrying without a license 16-11-126(e).