Georgia Gun Laws  

Georgia Attorney General Official Opinions
The views expressed therein are the official views of the Attorney General, and are legally binding to the state and its agencies.

NameFile NotesFile Type / SizeDescription of OpinionYear Issued
96-22click to readHTML Doc. / 5kb Candidates for certification as a peace officer may not carry a weapon while on patrol with a field training officer unless they comply with the mandatory licensing requirements of O.C.G.A. 16-11-126 through 16-11-1291996
98-2click to readHTML Doc. / 10kb A nolo contendere plea to a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence does not prohibit the right to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms. 1998

Please note that the list of reciprocal carry license states Georgia will accept, which is published by the Attorney General, is now issued via Press Release instead of Official Opinion. For the latest on reciprocal information please check my GFL Reciprocity Page.


Georgia Attorney General Unofficial Opinions
The views expressed therein are the completely unofficial views of the writer only, and should be considered as information only.
These opinions are not legally binding to any city, county or the state.

NameFile NotesFile Type / SizeDescription of OpinionYear Issued
u78-45Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.pdf / 416kbProbate courts can wait longer than 60 days1978
u84-37Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.pdf / 73kbShopping malls are not public gatherings1984
u89-21click to readHTML Doc. / 6kbPart 1. Simple battery and plea of nolo contendere 2.Probate Judge license issuing discretion1989
u96-22click to readHTML Doc. / 4kbPublic gathering is not the same thing as a public place1996
u97-13click to readHTML Doc. / 7kb Active Duty Military are exempt from firearm license laws1997
u97-29click to readHTML Doc. / 4kb Previous conviction for possession of marijuana means a denial of carry license1997
u98-6click to readHTML Doc. / 7kb Municipalities are pre-empted from all firearms regulations but the three exceptions listed in O.C.G.A. 16-11-173 (note that 16-11-184 is now 16-11-173)1998
u99-1click to readHTML Doc. / 4kb School systems in counties with a population of less than 100,000 may not authorize their school security employees to carry firearms.1999
u05-3click to readHTML Doc. / 6kb Pardon from a drug conviction does not cover a license to carry2005