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Donate to GPDO

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed or at least received some benefit from this website.

For those that do not know, this website is owned and maintained by a single person with some volunteers helping me moderate the forum (not to be confused with the all volunteer GA gun rights organization GeorgiaCarry.Org). All the costs associated with running a website, such as paying hosting fees, come out of my pocket. The links to gun rights organizations you see at the bottom of every page to the SAF and GCO are not paid advertisements, so the existence of this website depends on me being able to pay the bills. Up until now that has not been a problem for me and I have preferred you give your money to a gun rights organization rather than to me. However as the popularity of this website grows, so do the costs of hosting it.

As more people visit this site and the forum, more businesses are interested in advertising on this site. I have decided to create a special area of the forum for businesses who wish to advertise on the forum to be able to become a sponsor and post in the sponsor forums. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can see that information here.

The cost of hosting this website is now over $100 a month. To offset that cost I have set up a Paypal link that allows donations via credit card. I know that Paypal is anti-gun so if you do not wish to donate through them, you can send a check or money order to the address below.


Snail Mail:
P.O. Box 911
San Marcos, TX 78667

If you don't wish to donate directly to GeorigaPacking, you can still support this site by visiting the sponsor forums and purchasing one of their products. While your there, thank them for their support of

Thank you for visiting and a big THANK YOU to those who have donated,

Matt Knighten
(aka "Gunstar1" on the forum)


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