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Bills Passed/Adopted in the 2005-2006 Session

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Bill Number Description Effective Date
SB 175 Removes GCIC and the $5 fee for background check when buying a handgun. Now all background checks are run through NICS at no cost Now in effect
SB 259 Removes all prohibitions from discharging firearms on Sunday Now in effect
SB 396 Mirrors a law passed in Florida last year, ensuring that anyone who is attacked while behaving lawfully would have the right to "stand their ground" and defend himself or herself. The law would authorize deadly force if the attack could reasonably be considered life-threatening.
Committee added civil liability immunity.
Now in effect
HB 1032 This appears to be an attempt to get the Firearms License to be exempt from a NICS check. (I fear renewals will take as long as First time applicants 2-6 months, however it does have electronic submissions which for the counties that have livescan it should be no more than one month). It worked, the license is once again exempt from NICS at purchase. Now in effect
HB 1044 This bill originally only included part-time judges as exempt from a permit. The House Judiciary - Non-Civil Committee added exemption to legislators.

Senate Committee removed constables, it is now back to just part-time permanent judges.
Now in effect


Dead bills of the 2005-2006 Session
The only way for these to be passed now is if the text of the bill is amended to an active bill listed above.


Bill Number Description Status
SB 302 Repeal of public gatherings, school zone prohibitions, carrying without a license - IF you are in a car Dead
SB 554 Repeals the Governor's power to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation of firearms in a time of emergency. Dead
To see a Senator's Gun Bill vote record and grade, visit the Senate Report Card.


House of Representatives

Bill Number Description Status
HB 193 Restaurant Carry / 51% sales not from alcohol Dead
HB 544 This will make you sick - add parks to school zone prohibitions Dead
HB 793 Limits restriction on obtaining license for drug offenders to felony drug convictions and removes the prohibitions on those who are not adjudicated guilty Dead
HB 799 Carry in state parks Dead
HB 952 This appears to be an attempt to get the Firearms License to be exempt from a NICS check. It is badly flawed as currently written. Dead
HB 998 Allows gun owners to keep a gun in their car when parked.
Update: New Version Removes Public Gathering Exemption in parking lot. Employer/business civil liability imunity from a firearm stored in a car in the parking lot.
HB 1001 Allows anyone not enumerated as ineligible for a GFL to conceal a firearm anywhere in a private passenger motor vehicle. Dead
HB 1061 Similar to the "Stand your Ground" law passed in Florida last year. The House version differs from SB396 (listed above) by adding immunity from civil action for the use of force in defense of self or others. Dead
HB 1439 This bill has been introduced because of the New Orleans Gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina. Limits Governors emergency power over firearms and makes it illegal for police to confiscate legal firearms in a declared emergancy. Dead
To see a Representative's Gun Bill vote record and grade, visit the House Report Card.


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